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Why Cheap Malaysia Web Hosting is NOT GOOD?

Malaysia Web Hosting is not good? No lah kawan. Outside there got many SUPERB Malaysia Web Hosting providers but not with RM100 per year or RM50 per year web hosting subscriptions.

First, you need to know how many resources do you need. You can’t expect to have 1,000 concurrent users on RM100 per year web hosting subscriptions. You need to measures your web hosting resources first.

Malaysia Web Hosting
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Hmmm.. What do you mean by Web Hosting Resources and… What is Concurrent Users, is it different with Traffic Visitors?

Resources were like your phone. Got memory, storage, CPU speed, network speed and many more. If you are building a blog using Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress it is enough with RM100 per year web hosting subscriptions but if you build eCommerce with it, you need to standby at least RM300-RM400 per month for web hosting subscriptions.

You also need to learn how to optimize your website. Use caching, content delivery network (CDN), compress image and use webp format for the image to get faster performance.

Concurrent users mean many users doing something simultaneously. Yeah, like 1,000 clicks simultaneously your links or add to cart or checkout on your eCommerce website. It requires very high resources. It’s like you open 1 app 1,000 times simultaneously!

“So, I cannot use Cheap Malaysia Web Hosting Lah?”

Depends, like I wrote before if you host a blog then it is enough but when your blog got thousand and thousand concurrent users, then you need to upgrade your web hosting.

“How to Calculate Web Hosting Resources with my current usage?”

You can’t calculate just like that, you need to do your own stress test on your website to get the exact amount concurrent users for your website. You can ready my stress test posting but it’s in Bahasa Malaysia or maybe you can choose from these 5 Malaysia Web Hosting which is “Terbaik” for you because I have used them for many years. Also in Bahasa Malaysia.

Good luck!

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