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Woocommerce Hack! Add Content to My Account.

This is how you can add your own custom content at Woocommerce My Account on Dashboard only.

First, make sure you use child-theme functions.php or my custom functions plugins by Space X-Chimp & paste these code:

// Add content at My Account Dashboard

add_action( 'woocommerce_account_dashboard', 'xhanxeli_dashboard_addition' );
function xhanxeli_dashboard_addition() {
echo '<p>YOUR CONTENT HERE...</p>';

You can replace xhanxeli to your own value such as my_dashboard_addition and make sure you changes all the xhanxeli to your new value.

Place your custom content (shortcode, html code etc) after echo ‘

Woocommerce hacks. My Account Dashboard.
Copy & paste the code like this. Save changes! Make sure you turn on the plugin settings.

That’s all!

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  1. era

    skincare set by kak ell x tersenarai dlm list yg awak share..maknanya produk kak ell ni selamat utk digunakn la yea

    1. Eli

      tak tersenarai tak bermaksud selamat.

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